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Work Experience

Awards and Honors



Brown  University, Providence, Rhode Island
September 1985 - May 1989
Masters in Physics

Harvard  University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
September 1982 - January 1985
B.A. in Physics.  Dean's List.

Work Experience

deNovis, Lexington, Massachusetts
October 2000 - now

Xevo, Marlboro, Massachusetts
November 2000 - April 2001
Worked for vice-president of professional services, defining deployment methodology. Additionally, designed and specified application suite to support implementation of deployment methodology. XevoWorks is a middleware product which supports the implementation of ASP systems, including extensive support for user provisioning. Deployment methodology split deployment into twelve separate sub-models, including: license, product, business, pricing, services, resource management, subscriber, and provisioning models. Methodology specified artifacts and reports produced at each stage of the deployment model.

Symmetry Technology Labs, Glastonbury, Connecticut
June 2000 - October 2000
Chief Technologist
Worked in the design and implementation of XML schema evolution application based on ACORD XML Service Provider Extensions. Application captures message content modifications made by insurance carriers and produces XML messages that publish the differences in the new schema relative to ACORD XML for P&C messaging standard. Java, XML, SQLServer, JDBC.

Supported STL in design discussions with clients and in the development of

ACORD XML for Property and Casualty - Base Architecture Working Group
Facilitated meetings among representatives of multiple insurance carriers, and vendors. Helped design architectural framework for XML messaging.

Revenio, Burlington, Massachusetts
September 2000-October 2000
Helped design star schema used in reporting data mart. Implementing generalized ETL instruction system, supporting SQL evaluation as well as abstract data extraction and transform instructions. System to be used to migrate data from operational database to reporting database. Java, Oracle, SQLServer, JDBC, XML.

Iona Technologies, Waltham, Massachusetts
June 2000-July 2000
Implemented JSP tag library for iPortal product (supported serialization of application resources to XML). EJB/J2EE, XML, Apache, Xerces, Xalan.

National Grange Mutual/Main Street America Group , Keene, New Hampshire
January 2000-May 2000
Chief Architect and Development Manager
Architected and oversaw implementation of re-engineering effort. Graphical definition of processes/transactions and data content. Auto-generation of SQL Server 7.0 DDL (table creation, constraints). Auto-generation of web pages (HTML, javascript, ASP), including field and relational constraint evaluation ("edits"). Run-time system includes C++, COM+ components that separate UI support, business application logic and persistence support. System supports immediate rendition of messaging specs to Microsoft DNA compliant implementation. XML, ASP, MTS, SQL Server 7.0, C++, HTML, JavaScript,COM,UML.

Co-chair of ACORD XML for P&C Base Architecture Working Group. Member of ACORD XML for P&C Transaction Review Board.

March 1999-December 1999
Worked in the development of internet enabled applications for the insurance industry. Represented NGM/IIAA in "FastTrack" effort to create standardized XML vocabulary/Framework for the P&C insurance industry. XML, J++, C++, MTS, SQLServer.

Informix, Andover, Massachusetts
March 1999 - October 1999
Worked on "Formation" - a data warehouse design and administration tool. Redesigned and reimplemented C++ code generation system for data transformation environment (code snippets).

Beam Technologies, Inc., Needham, Massachusetts
March 1999 - June 1999
September 1999 - December 1999
Worked with design team to rearchitect CFExplorer as an internet-enabled system. ASP, XML, COM, MTS, SQLServer 7.0, Visual C++. Technology currently being used by Innovation Chain .

Symmetry Technology Labs, Glastonbury, Connecticut
July 1998 - February 1999
Worked in the design and implementation of insurance pilot project, shown in New York at the Microsoft FS conference (Travelers pilot). C++, MTS, COM, Record sets, SQL Server, Microsoft Windows DNA fs, XML. Worked with "Transactional Working Group" of the insurance industry standards organization (Acord).

Acadian Asset Management, Boston, Massachusetts
April 1998 - December 1998
Implemented support APIs, GUI and stored procedures for access to Security Master File. Delphi 3.0, Sybase 11, DBArtisan 4.0, Rapid SQL.

Turning Point Technologies, Sudbury, Massachusetts
February 1998 - March 1998
Provided support to management team in product definition process, utilizing drill down techniques to define tracking and billing OLTP systems. UML.

Delphi Information Systems, Billerica, Massachusetts
August 1997 - January 1998
Liaison between vertical standardization organization for insurance industry (Acord) and Delphi, with respect to Acord ObjX distributed object architecture. Prototyped Acord ObjX clients and servers in Java & C++. Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0 (MTS), IIS, DCOM, ODBC/JDBC, SQLServer 6.5, Oracle, Paradigm Plus (UML design tool). Worked with design team in designing technologies for legacy system migration.

Red Brick , Andover, Massachusetts
October 1997
Helped migrate Engage.Discover SQL generation engine to RedBrick's product line. Introduced support for complex SQL generation such as "only" in object relations. C++, Oracle, Informix, RedBrick Warehouse.

Engage Technologies, Andover, Massachusetts
June 1997 - September 1997
Worked on Engage.Discover query tool. Engage is a suite of products designed to facilitate analysis of internet clickstream data. Engage.Discover enables web site analysts to query large databases containing click stream information. Re-designed and re-implemented back-end SQL generation sub-system with plug-and-play technology for different metadata, SQL syntax and code generation algorithms. C++, ClearCase, ObjectStore, Informix XPS, Oracle, SQL Server. Engage.Discover team was one of two Engage Technologies teams bought out by Red Brick .

Fidelity Investments, Boston, Massachusetts
September 1993 - August 1997

July 1996 - August 1997(Decision Support System Application)
Project Manager & Architect 
Managed group of 8 engineers redesigning and reimplementing DSS application suite. Reengineering effort included support for Windows NT, Windows 95, Solaris and AIX platforms utilizing Java, JDBC, OrbixWeb (CORBA), Suntest's compiler generator (Jacc), Informix, Sybase.
September 1993 - June 1996 (Decision Support System Application)
Developed C++ template toolkit (collections, iterators, shared referencing). Developed reusable C++ library of SQL statements and generic expression support. Used Metaware's TWS to develop a parser for the Fidelity proprietary NSOL query language (pseudo-English object-oriented query language). Developed NT based ER investigation tool using ODBC. DSS product allows marketing analysts to generate graphical queries that produce and execute complex SQL statements. TeraData, Informix, C++, ODBC, STL, NextStep.

October 1994 - July 1995 (Jamaica Library Application)

Ported WWW (2.17) Library of Common Code (and portions of WWW server) to Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Designed and implemented C++ interface to html parsing support as well as use of http protocol. Library was used in the development of a specialized web browser distributed as part of Fidelity's on-line trading application (Jamaica project).

McDonnell Information Systems - Pro IV , Irvine, California
February 1997
Prepared and presented overview of CORBA architecture and services to Pro IV development team. Participated in comparison discussions of COM & CORBA. Installed and did code walk-through of CORBA product. Participated in design discussions of product distribution & componentization.

The New England / Information Systems, Boston, Massachusetts
March 1996 - July 1996
November 1995 - December 1995

March 1996 - July 1996

Redesigned and reimplemented investment pricing subsystem for use in both internal TNE software as well as for Minnesota Mutual Life client management software.

November 1995 - December 1995

Provided management with cost estimates for port of large insurance-related Windows 3.1 application suite to 32-bit Windows environment (Win32s, Windows 95 and Windows NT). ODBC, thunking, C++.

Carnfeldt America, Inc, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
November 1995

Developed Web pages for business (including cgi scripts for literature request form). Web page is maintained from Sophist Solutions, Inc Web server.

FFAC, Plano, Texas March 1995 - November 1995 Consultant

Developed Windows NT application suite for Automobile Loan processing. C++, ODBC, MS Access.

Language Engineering  Corporation, Belmont, Massachusetts
March 1993 - September 1993

Developed portions of English to Japanese machine translation system: user dictionary utility, product installation, and hardware-based copy-protection mechanism. MBCS compliant code, C++, Windows 3.1, Windows 3.1J.

Sophist Solutions, Inc., Sudbury, Massachusetts
October 1993 - present
Implemented eCommerce site for sale of Sophist Solutions Led Class Libray. ASP, VBScript, SQLServer 7.0.

Marcam   Corporation, Newton, Massachusetts
March 1993 - December 1993

August 1991 - March 1993
Integration Architect

Helped architect development of large object-oriented process manufacturing product. Proposed, designed and oversaw implementation of CASE tool that parses C++ headers and generates SQL for class persistence support. Responsible for definition of Physical Architecture of product (process and thread management and distribution; use of RPC; use of DCE protocols; OMG/OMA). Designed system perfomance measurements. C++, HP snakes, Sun SparcStations, RS/6000, Windows 3.1, Windows NT. Managed a group of 4 engineers. Other responsibilities included hiring, equipment/software recommendations/purchases.

Microcom, Norwood,  
July 1990 - August 1991
Project Leader

Lead development of Carbon Copy for Windows 1.0. Designed Windows drivers (keyboard, mouse, video, sound). Used DPMI to communicate between a communications TSR and the rest of the emulation system. Designed and implemented complete Windows system to be used by Quality Assurance Department for bug tracking. Other responsibilities included client contact, hiring, employee performance evaluation, product scheduling, liaison with tech writing, QA and marketing departments. Product sold $12,000,000.00 in its first release year. Managed a group of 5 engineers.

Wang Laboratories, Lowell, Massachusetts
May 1988 - June 1990
Project Leader

Lead development of database layer of Wang Office Data Server and X.500-compliant MS-Windows Directory application. Designed portions of a client-server system meant to run MS-Windows client office applications that are serviced by OS/2, UNIX and VS servers. Designed and implemented "database drivers", an API interface that allowed server to query different databases with one unique interface. Developed database drivers for db_Vista III and prototyped one for SQLBase. Programmed in C and C++ for Windows, OS/2, SCO Xenix and SCO Unix. Received "outstanding" reviews and the "employee of the month" award. Managed 6 engineers.

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
January 1986 - May 1989
Research Assistant

Wrote C programs for the MacIntosh that evaluate electric microfield distributions in plasmas. Programs simulated laser-produced oxygen plasma. Translated mathematical packages from Fortran and Algol to C.

Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, Waltham Massachusetts
February 1984 - April 1988
Software Engineer

Developed C programs used in speech recognition systems. Designed and implemented a generic forms editor using a network database management system. Designed and implemented all libraries that interface the recognition engine with its knowledge bases. Worked in C in VMS, UNIX and DOS. Wrote vocabulary analyzers using lex and yacc.

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
September 1983 - May 1985
Course Assistant

Course assitant for two Computer Science courses (CS 11 and CS 150). Worked with Apple MacIntosh teaching Pascal, and 68000 assembly language. Taught Franz Lisp. Graded Math 21a (Intermediate Calculus and Linear Algebra). Test grader for the Harvard Extension School Math 1a, 1b (Introduction to Calculus) and Physics 1a (Principles of Physics: Mechanics).

Awards and Honors

High School math team. In 1981, scored 16th on the College Entrance Exam for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (of 129,000 applicants). Was awarded an all-expenses paid scholarship for the "Semester at Sea Program" (cruise around the world) in the fall of 1979.


Play chess and bridge. Citizen of Brazil, permanent resident of USA. Fluent Portuguese, English, French. Good Spanish, Italian and German. Married. Two daughters and two sons. Have a network of three MacIntoshes and twelve PCs at home office. Odyssey of the Mind coach. References available upon request. A serious and committed worker.

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