Sophist Solutions releases LedLineIt! 3.0

High performance text editor available

Sudbury, Mass. (June 3, 2002) -- Sophist Solutions has shipped LedLineIt! 3.0, a free cross-platform text editor. LedLineIt! is based on the Led text editor building class library ( LedLineIt! takes full advantage of the modern user interface features of Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, as well as the Macintosh, such as Drag and Drop, and the Internet.

This LedLineIt! release supports editting large files (comfortably over 20MB on a 400Mz PentiumIII), auto-indentation, Multiple Document Interface (MDI), search, drag and drop, multi-level undo, and smart cut and paste.

New in this release of LedLineIt!

Pricing and availability

LedLineIt! is free to individuals to use as they like, but you may not freely redistribute LedLineIt! without specific license from Sophist Solutions, Inc.

More Information

Sophist Solutions is a software consulting company specializing in the design and implementation of object-oriented systems, tools and libraries, graphical user interfaces (Macintosh, Windows, X-Windows), distributed applications, and Internet technologies (e.g. Java, TCP/IP, ActiveX, COM, DCOM, HTTP, HTML, XML, RDF, .NET, CORBA etc). Sophist Solutions may be reached on the World Wide Web at

For more information about LedLineIt! and other Led-based products such as ActiveLedIt!, NetLedIt!, and LedIt!:

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