LedLineIt! History

LedLineIt! 3.0

Was released June 3, 2002.

The major additions in this release were:

  • Full Unicode support

  • The editor now uses UNICODE internally, and allows reading from and saving in a number of different code-page formats.
  • Microsoft Global IME support

  • Syntax Coloring

  • Builtin support for synxtax coloring (C++, and Basic keywords)
  • Improved drag and drop

  • Windows Installer support

  • New installer based on Microsoft's new Windows Installer technology

LedLineIt! 2.3

Was released August 30, 1999.

The major additions in LedLineIt 2.3 were:

  • Speed? New internal representation for lines, so uses much less RAM, and runs much faster (on 10MB text file, runs about 25% faster, on 20MB file, runs over 100% faster, due to paging on WinNT)
  • Remember options settings across runs (like show toolbar/status bar) - Windows Only
That, in addition to numerous small bugfixes, speedups, and enhancements made to the Led class library itself.

LedLineIt! 2.2

Was released July 28, 1997.

This was the first release of LedLineIt!, and its main features were:

  • Support very large files (many megabytes)
  • Very fast
  • Smart cut and paste (and drag and drop)
  • Split screen support

Last Updated: 2003-08-29