This is a list of all known competitors, and my take on them. Along with hyperlinks so you can make up your mind for yourself. If you have any additions, please let me know and I will add them. Similarly, if you want to revise my characterizations. Also, keep in mind, my comments are generally NOT well researched. If you really want to know about these particular products, contact the vendors themselves.

  • TextPad
  • Windows only.
  • CodeWright
  • Windows only.
    From Daniel Elbaum of Premia
    While Codewright is primarily a programmer's editor, it does support word wrap. In addition, the new version 4.0 has some support for embedded objects (embedded buttons that link to popup text, other applications, or other documents). There is also some word-processing support--centering, right- and left- justification, columnar reformatting, and so forth. But we do not currently offer style runs, except in the limited case of source code syntax coloring.
  • BBEdit

  • MacOnly. Does now support word wrap. No style runs. No embedded objects. Primarily oriented towards plain text editing (ie programming), rather than word-processing.

Also, you can find more at Yahoo

Another site which maintains an excellent list of multilingual text editors is Fontboard.

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