Led 3.0 Class Library Pricing

Software Developer Licence
  • Royalty-free license

  • 30 day money back guarantee*

  • License is per developer seat per platform (see below for details)

  • 3 months free support included

  • full source code for libraries, and substantial sample applications

Pricing Details
Led 3.0 license:
Upgrade from 2.3
single platform US$1,399.00 US$499.00
two platforms US$2,199.00 US$599.00
three platforms US$2,899.00 not available

The available platforms are MacOS, Windows (Win32), and X-Windows (Linux).

Quantity discount (applies to upgrades as well):
2-10: 35% discount (on licenses after the first)
11+: contact Sophist Solutions directly for large site discounts

* Refunds incur a 10% handing fee to cover credit card processing fees.

Last Updated: 2004-01-05