Led 3.0 Class Library Features

  • Powerful, quality, sample applications and components
    See for yourself the power, speed, and robustness of Led. Try them now!
    • LedIt!
      A free word processing applet. Supports styled text, RTF, embedded objects, URLs, Rulers, and much more.
    • LedLineIt!
      A free programmers editor style application, supporting styled text, and UNICODE. Also, this application takes advantage of a new, optimized for non-word-wrapping TextImager (so its very fast, even editing very large files).
  • Basic editing functionality
    • Full undo (including multi-level undo) support
    • Drag&Drop
    • Horizontal & Vertical scrolling
    • Smart Cut&Paste
      This means being a little smarter about cutting/inserting whitespace on Drag&Drop and Cut&Paste operations. Led can (optionally) guess about where to magically stick in whitespace during drag and drop, and cut&paste operations. (Sometimes called "intelligent cut and paste").
  • Basic word processing functionality
    • Word Wrapping
    • Styled Text
      Standard text styles, including colored text, and subscripts and superscripts.
    • Per-Paragraph margins, tab-stops, first indents, etc.
    • Embedded objects
      Pictures, OLE2 objects, URLs, etc directly supported. But just as importantly, Led makes it trivial for programmers to add their own type of embedded objects.
    • Full OLE2 support
      Including OLE server and OLE container support (Win32, Win95, Windows NT). Supports embedded OCXs (aka ActiveX control). And supports writing OCXs with embedded Led-based editors (see ActiveLedIt!)
    • Several popular file formats supported:
      • Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF)
      • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
      • MIME text/enriched RFC 1563
      • Apple STYL
  • Cross Platform
    • Win32 (Win9x/WinNT or later)
    • 68KMacintosh, PowerMacintosh (native), and Carbon (Carbonized)
    • Linux (X-Windows) (new with Led 3.0)
    • Highly portable design (so ideal for porting to new systems)
  • Internationalization (I18n)
    • ASCII, or Extended ASCII characters
      Some support for multibyte character sets, but not fully supported.
    • UNICODE support
      Full support for UNICODE on all Windows platforms: even on Win95/Win98/WinME. Full support coming soon for UNICODE on MacOS and Linux.
    • Strings from class library modularized so its easy to localized.
  • Quality of implementation
    • Highly versatile marker mechanism
      Great for implementing things like hypertext systems.
    • No limits!
      No limits! on text/line lengths (other than total amount of virtual memory)
    • Flexible, Modular, Object oriented, multiple inheritance based design
      Easily refined output of text behaviors - easy to refine/annotate/adorn text displayed. Mixin-based design allowing configuring which features you want to include and which you don't. And flexible design for adding in your own new features.
    • Fast.
    • Designed to not significantly degrade performance, even on several megabyte files.
    • Fantastic support
    • Nearly all Led class library customers are impressed by the quality of the source code and the quality of support. Led comes with a 30-day money back gaurantee if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.
  • Miscelaneous
    • Styled Text
      Not only does Led provide a very flexible low level styled text mechanism, which can easily be used for things like syntax coloring, but Led also supports standard APIs for word-processing-style styled text. This includes not only standard GDI supported text styles, but also colored text, and subscripts and superscripts.
    • Syntax Coloring
      Built on Led's low-level marker and Styled Text mechanisms, there is a layer in Led allowing you to easily define syntaxes (tables of keywords, for example) which are flexibly assigned some syntax coloring.
    • Direct class library support for most major GUI class libraries

    • MFC, and Metrowerks PowerPlant, and Gtk (Gnome Toolkit) class libraries are currently supported. Also, via ActiveLedIt!, OLE Control (OCX, aka ActiveX control), Led can be used from Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, or any other ActiveX enabled language.
    • Multiple simultaneous, synchronized views onto the same text - even differently formatted
    • Flexible background drawing, including easy-to-use watermark backgrounds
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer/ActiveX support/integration
      Knows about ActiveX URL navigation OLE mechanisms. Has builtin URL object support. And more.
  • Other Products
    If you need word processing capabilities, but don't want to use C++, you may want to consider:
    • ActiveLedIt!
      ActiveLedIt! is a comercial word processor, ActiveX control.
    • NetLedIt!
      NetLedIt! is a comercial word processor, Netscape Plugin.

Last Updated: 2002-06-17