What is this

Support for a special reader/writer which attempts to preserve all RTF tags, even if Led doesn't understand them. This isn't necessarily desirable behavior, but some clients have asked for it. Watch out for what happens when people edit while using these Reader/Writer classes!


Incorporating these sources into your project

Instructions on how to incorporate RTF Preserving code into LedIt!.


This tutorial code has been updated to compile with Led 3.0, but it doesn't work completely. The StyledTextIOWriter_RTF_Preserving::WriteBody () code needs to be fixed to more closely mirror the new behavior of StyledTextIOWriter_RTF::WriteBody (). Really the StyledTextIOWriter_RTF::WriteBody () should be fixed so its more easily subclassed like this.

At any rate - its too late in the development cycle to risk such big changes, and I think this whole tutorial is probably not worth very much. If anyone else needs info on how todo this, I will address the problem then. Please contact