What is this

How do I use Led with an AppWizard-generated application? How do I convert an app which used CRichTextEdit to use Led?

What if I want to build a word-processor? What if I want to build a line-based text editor (such as you would use for editing program text)?

Basic Idea

One easy way to get started using Led with MSVC & MFC is to use MSVC's AppWizard. You run AppWizard, and say you want to build an application that uses the CRichTextEdit, Microsoft's builtin rich text control. Then you revise the output of AppWizard to use Led instead.

The details

These instructions show you how to build either a simple word processor or a simple line-based text editor. Most of the instructions are identical, but where they diverge - they will be specially marked as {WordProcessor-only} or {LineEditor-only}.

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Last Updated 2001-11-07