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Module WordWrappedTextInteractor

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Module Description:

This module provides the class WordWrappedTextInteractor - a simple helper class to deal with mixing together WordWrappedTextImager and TextInteractor.

Class: WordWrappedTextInteractor [public]

Base Classes: InteractorImagerMixinHelper < IMAGER > , < IMAGER=WordWrappedTextImager >

Simple mixin of WordWrappedTextImager and TextInteractor (using the utility class InteractorImagerMixinHelper).

Member Details

WordWrappedTextInteractor::OnTypedNormalCharacter [public]

void WordWrappedTextInteractor::OnTypedNormalCharacter (Led_tChar theChar, bool optionPressed, bool shiftPressed, bool commandPressed, bool controlPressed, bool altKeyPressed)

Override TextInteractor::OnTypedNormalCharacter to map 'shiftPressed' + NL to a soft-line break.

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