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Module LineBasedPartition

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Module Description:

A LineBasedPartition is a concrete Partition subclass in which the character '\n' is used to break up the text into peices (partition elements). This is the most basic, default, standard kind of Partition.

Class: LineBasedPartition [public]

Base Classes: virtual Partition

Partition which implements the partitioning based on NL characters.

As of Led 3.0, it is the only concrete partition supported, and its the overwhelmingly most likely one you would want to use. But - in some applications (notably LogoVista Translator Assistant) - it can be quite handy being able to override how this partitioning takes place.

Member Details

LineBasedPartition::Invariant_ [public]

void LineBasedPartition::Invariant_ () const

Check internal consitency of data structures. Don't call this directly. Call Invariant instead. And only call at quiesent times; not in the midst of some update where data structures might not be fully consistent.

LineBasedPartition::UpdatePartitions [public]

void LineBasedPartition::UpdatePartitions (PartitionMarker* pm, const UpdateInfo& updateInfo) throw ()

Hook notification that the given partition was updated. See if any newlines were added or deleted, and update the partitions as appropriate. Do not call directly.

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