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Class: Led_PPView [public]

Base Classes: LView, LCommander, LPeriodical, LDragAndDrop, Led_MacOS_Helper < BASE_INTERACTOR >

PowerPlant wrapper class. This provides the basic PowerPlant wrapper support, regardless of the sort of TextImager which is being used. See Led_PPView_X<ChosenInteractor,Traits> for more details.

Class: Led_PPView_Traits_Default [public]


Specifier class, used as default value with Led_PPView_X template.

Class: Led_PPView_X [public]

Base Classes: ChosenInteractor, Led_PPView

Utility template to mix together Led_PPView an a ChosenInteractor which already has support for a particular TextImager mixed in.

Class: Led_PP_TmpCmdUpdater [public]


Helper class, used with TextInteractorCommonCommandHelper_PP template.

Class: TextInteractorCommonCommandHelper_PP < BASECLASS,CMD_INFO,CMD_ENABLER > [public]

Base Classes: TextInteractorCommonCommandHelper < BASECLASS,CMD_INFO,CMD_ENABLER > where BASECLASS, CMD_INFO, and CMD_ENABLER are specified

See also WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper

NB: This template is important because it hooks in the class library/SDK (in this case PowerPlants) command dispatch metchanism into Led's.

Config Variable: qGenerateStandardPowerPlantExceptions [public]


PowerPlant apps generally throw class LException (used to be ExceptionCode) etc for internal exceptions. And there are standard PowerPlant catchers for these types. To make Led utilize the Led_Set_OutOfMemoryException_Handler etc mechanism to use the MFC exception types - define this to TRUE. To use more standard Standard C++ or your own types - you may wish to shut this off.

Defaults to ON.

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