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Module Led_MFC_WordProcessor

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Some stuff which applies only to use of Led_MFC along with WordProcessor classes (e.g. OLE embeddings)


Class: Led_MFC_ControlItem [public]

Base Classes: COleClientItem, SimpleEmbeddedObjectStyleMarker

A Led embedding object for embedded OLE controls. Useful for applications which want to allow for embedded OLE objects. (these docs could really use embellishing!).

NB: This also supports the embedding format RTFIO::RTFOLEEmbedding::kEmbeddingTag.

Class: WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper_MFC < BASECLASS,CMD_INFO,CMD_ENABLER > [public]

Base Classes: WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper < BASECLASS,CMD_INFO,CMD_ENABLER > where BASECLASS=TextInteractorCommonCommandHelper_MFC < BASECLASS,CMD_INFO,CMD_ENABLER > , where BASECLASS is the baseclass arg to this template.

BASECLASS is generally WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper. See WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper for more details about the template arguments - but note that CMD_ENABLER should typically be Led_MFC_TmpCmdUpdater

To use this class, you must also define DoDeclare_WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper_MFC_MessageMap() to declare the actual message map for the template.

You may also want to use DoDeclare_WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper_MFC_MessageMapX() which is a short-cut for specifying both the DoDeclare_WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper_MFC_MessageMap and DoDeclare_TextInteractorCommonCommandHelper_MFC_MessageMap () macros.

Class: WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper_MFC < BASECLASS,CMD_INFO,CMD_ENABLER > ::ControlItemContextInternalizer [public]

Base Classes: WordProcessor::WordProcessorFlavorPackageInternalizer

Add call to Led_MFC_ControlItem::DocContextDefiner so that we can instantiate OLE embeddings using the MFC mechanism.

Note - as of Led 3.0d6, and MSVC60SP3, we had to declare this here cuz I couldn't get it compiling when nested locally within the MakeDefaultInternalizer () function - which would probably have been better.

Config Variable: qSupportOLEControlEmbedding [public]


You may want to shut this off for building an OLE control itself. Or for building applications that don't want to include the OLE libaries.

Turn ON by default

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