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Module Led_Gtk

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Module Description:

NEW in Led 3.0. Based on templates in Led_Win32 - from Led 3.0b1.

Class: Led_Gtk_Helper < BASE_INTERACTOR,GTKBASEINFO > [public]

Base Classes: BASE_INTERACTOR = TextInteractor


Member Details

Led_Gtk_Helper < BASE_INTERACTOR,GTKBASEINFO > ::ShouldUpdateHScrollBar [public]

bool Led_Gtk_Helper < BASE_INTERACTOR,GTKBASEINFO > ::ShouldUpdateHScrollBar () const

Return true if Led_Win32_Helper should automaticly generate Led_Win32_Helper::SetHScrollInfo calls.

See also Led_Gtk_Helper::ShouldUpdateVScrollBar.

Led_Gtk_Helper < BASE_INTERACTOR,GTKBASEINFO > ::ShouldUpdateHScrollBar (overload 1) [public]

bool Led_Gtk_Helper < BASE_INTERACTOR,GTKBASEINFO > ::ShouldUpdateVScrollBar () const

See Led_Gtk_Helper::ShouldUpdateHScrollBar.

Led_Gtk_Helper < BASE_INTERACTOR,GTKBASEINFO > ::UpdateScrollBars [public]

void Led_Gtk_Helper < BASE_INTERACTOR,GTKBASEINFO > ::UpdateScrollBars ()

Hook the TextInteractor::UpdateScrollBars () notification routine to update the values in our scrollbars.

Class: Led_Gtk_TmpCmdUpdater [public]


Helper class, used with TextInteractorCommonCommandHelper_Gtk template.

For now - this is just a empty unused class, as I have not yet seen how to implement this style of updating within Gtk. It may not be supported for the first Gtk release of Led (Led 3.0).

Class: TextInteractorCommonCommandHelper_Gtk < BASECLASS,CMD_INFO,CMD_ENABLER > [public]

Base Classes: TextInteractorCommonCommandHelper < BASECLASS,CMD_INFO,CMD_ENABLER > where BASECLASS, CMD_INFO, and CMD_ENABLER are specified

See also WordProcessorCommonCommandHelper

NB: This template is important because it hooks in the class library/SDK (in this case Gtk) command dispatch metchanism into Led's.

Config Variable: qPrintGLIBTraceMessages [public]


Moderately useful trace messages output. Defaults to true only when qDebug true.

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