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Led, Led Class Library, LedIt!, LedLineIt!, ActiveLedIt! and NetLedIt!

The Led Class Library is a C++ based class library, designed to support the construction of text editors, word processors, html editors, and other text intensive applications, and components.

LedIt! and LedLineIt! are free applications built using the Led Class Library, and intended to demonstrate the library.

ActiveLedIt! is a commercially available word processor ActiveX control component built using the Led Class Library.

NetLedIt! is a commercially available word processor Netscape Plugin component built using the Led Class Library.

The name Led - by itself - refers to the family of all these products - class libraries, components, and sample applications.

This license agreement applies to Led version 3.0.


ActiveLedIt! supports Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP.


The ActiveLedIt! source code product requires both the ActiveLedIt! binary product, and the Led Class Library product. Both these licenses are assumed as a basis for this license. They are provided with the ActiveLedIt! source code product, but are also available online.

Price & 30 day risk-free trial:

This license is royalty-free. A single ActiveLedIt! license is good for a single developer. This entitles the developer to a copy of the ActiveLedIt! source code, and binaries, as well as documentation and samples. The purchase price includes three months of free support. Additional support may be purchased separately. Contact Sophist Solutions, Inc ( for information on site licenses.

Developers are entitled to a 30 day trial period. During this period, the developer may fully utilize the ActiveLedIt! sources for any purpose (subject to following restrictions). Any time before the 30 days are up, the developer may return it for a full refund (less a 9.1% processing fee). If a CD has been shipped, it must be returned. Either way: any copies of the software on your machines must be destroyed.

Permitted Uses:

You may utilize the ActiveLedIt! source code to form the basis of some new ActiveX control.


Any new ActiveX controls in any way based upon ActiveLedIt! sources are still bound by the ActiveLedIt! 3.0 (binary) license.

Any code based on the Led Class library is still bound by the Led 3.0 Class Library license agreement.

You may not redistribute the ActiveLedIt! source code in its original form, or any modified forms for any purpose.

Any new controls produced, based on the ActiveLedIt! sources must have appropriate CLSIDs and names changed so that the new controls don't conflict with ActiveLedIt!.

Non-transferable license and liabilities:

This license is granted by Sophist Solutions to a particular individual, and the license may not be transferred.

This license does NOT grant the right to redistribute any ActiveLedIt! source code. Sophist Solutions, Inc. is the sole source of ActiveLedIt! licenses, and the sole party allowed to distribute its sources.

Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall Sophist Solutions, Inc. be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use or inability to use Led, even if Sophist Solutions, Inc. has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall Sophist Solutions, Inc. be liable to you for any damages, losses and causes of action in excess of the amount paid for this license.

This license constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the use of ActiveLedIt! and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous understandings regarding such subject matter. No amendment to or notification of this License will be binding unless in writing and signed by Sophist Solutions, Inc.

Licensee agrees to the terms of this license upon completed purchase request for ActiveLedIt! sources.

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